Affiliate Disclaimer

Hey all, just a quick heads-up! 🌟

That link you clicked to get to this page? Not an affiliate link, however you'll notice that there are affiliate links sprinkled throughout this website, on my YouTube videos and Pinterest pins. Here's the the knit down: I’m an affiliate associate, which means I earn a little somethin' when you pick up a product through some of my links. The best part? It doesn't cost you anything extra! The commission earned goes right back into Friday Knits (and hipster iced coffees), so I can keep serving up valuable content to help your knitting (or other creative) venture flourish.

Rest assured, you'll always find this disclaimer linked on the relevant pages and YouTube posts with those magical links.

To be honest, I only recommend stuff that I’ve personally tried, loved, or saved to a wish-list and sent to my significant other at least once a week. It’s also all about giving you an insight into what works for me personally as a knitter, and who doesn’t love geezing into other peoples stuff 🤫🧶